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Brand: Hermas
How to Brew ?Boil 2 gm Imunitea with 20 ml water add sweetening if needed and drink as per requirement...
Brand: Hermas
Ikseer Hisath is a patent Unani Formulation used as a lithotriptic agent.Presented as a powdered form, it is used for removing Urinary and bladder caliculi...
Brand: Hermas
Lac (Laccifer lacca) is one of the most valuable gifts of nature to humanity. It is an animal origin drug with abundance of medicinal properties. Wide literature is available in Unani Medicine regarding its pharmacological actions and therapeutic uses. Beside classical literature, numerous studies h..
Brand: Hermas
Hermas Safoof Musakkin is a bit different in Composition as to other similar products available over the counter, though the properties they exhibit are similar in nature yet different ..
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