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Brainer - Boost your mental access Effective Herbal Remedy for  Memory Disturbances , Alcohol Addicting , Behavioural Disorders , Aggressive Behaviour , Anxiety and Depression , Mental Fatigue , Insomnia & Enuresis (Bed Wetting) , Dosage: 2 ..
Brand: Hamdard
Information about Hamdard Imyoton CapsuleHamdard Imyoton Capsule contains Amla, Mulethi, Gilo and Neem as major ingredients. Key benefits/uses of Hamdard Imyoton Capsule:- Amla boosts metabolism and augments body resistance to diseases- Mulethi helps boost the immunity system an..
Brand: Hamdard
Information about Hamdard Jigreen SyrupHamdard Jigreen Syrup contains Revand chini, Biranjasif, Arjuna, Sarphoka, Bhangra and Kalmegh Naushadar as major ingredients. Key benefits/uses of Hamdard Jigreen Syrup:- Protect liver against harmful toxins from drugs, alcohol, food and water-&..
Zaheen Zaheen
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Brand: Hermas
Majun (Herbal Brain Supplement) It is from Old Manuscript of Unani , different from usual BRAHMI and SHANKH PUSHPI concept. KUNDUR and AKHROT. KUNDUR improves the retention (Quwwat e masika) power of Brain.Maghz e Akhrot (Walnut), rich in Omega 3, Phosphorous and fatty acid contentshelps to nou..
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