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Arq (distillate):
It is a form of drug in which the distilled matter is obtained in form of vapours, which are collected after condensation. It is volatile part of drugs in form of liquid. It is an important and exclusive dosage form of Unani system of medicine.
Some of the Arq preparation in Unani Medicine and their uses:
1. Arq Ajwain: Nafkh al-Mi‘da (Flatulence), Du‘f al-Hazm (weakness of digestive power) & Su’ al-Qinya (Anemia with Hypoproteineamia).
2. Arq Afsanteen: Waram-i Kabid (Hepatitis), Waram Ahsha’ (Inflammation of viscera) & Musaffi-i-Dam (Blood purifier).
3. Arq Aswad Barid: Malankhuliya (Melancholia) & Khafaqan (Palpitation).
4. Arq Badiyan: Su’ al-Hadm (Indigestion), Qilla al-Bawl (Oligourea) & Nafkh al-Mi‘da (Flatulence).
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